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Dryer vents are in action almost every other day in every household but are rarely cleaned. This results in clogged dryer vent which in turn causes serious consequences. Pure Airways is the best solution for dryer duct cleaning. We are a dryer vent cleaner company in the United States and serve more than 250 locations across the US.  Pure airways are just the right place for anyone looking for dryer vent cleaning services.
We are the best company that delivers quality dryer vent cleaning services. We’ve been believing everyone must have a clean and hygienic atmosphere to live in and so are dedicatedly delivering cleaning services across the United States. With more than 15 years of experience in dryer duct cleaning services, we have been successfully satisfying our clients with our quality.


More than the money we work to earn our clients satisfactory response. We will do everything that needs to be done in order to satisfy our customers. Even if after our cent percent efforts you are not satisfied with our work, let us know, we will surely do something to resolve the issue.


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Why is cleaning dryer duct necessary?

Dryer duct cleaning is necessary for your safety as a clogged dryer vent can cost lives. Take time to get your dryer vent cleaned and make sure you take professional help for dryer vent cleaning services. Cleaning dryer vent saves you, your family and home from many hazards. Cleaning dryer vent is extremely important as

  • Dryers may sometimes heat up to high temperatures and a clogged dryer vent blocks heat and prevent it from escaping your house and thus may cause a fire hazard.
  • A clean dryer duct increases the efficiency of the dryer.
  • A clogged dryer vent costs you more money as the dryer need to use extra energy whereas a clean dryer duct uses little energy and thus saves money.
  • Clogged dryer vent is ideal for the breeding of molds thus can sicken your entire family.
  • A clean dryer vent pipe eliminates lint produced from clothes during drying.

So make sure you inspect your dryer vent pipe at least twice a year to ensure the safety of your family and households as well.

What causes clogged dryer vent pipes?

Every household has dryer vent pipes and is used almost every next day. Lint and other impurities get gradually deposited in vent pipe and cause the dryer vents to clog. A dryer vent pipe can clog in many ways.

A lengthy dryer ventilation system is another cause that causes the dryer vents to clog as there are more chances of bending and curving or the vent where lint can deposit and thus causes drier vents to clog.

The dryer vents are made up of pliable plastics or foil, which can be crushed easily. Sometimes due to the excessive pressure they crush or form dents where lint deposits. Poor connection of dryer vents screen.

Why choose us as your dryer vent cleaner

We have revolutionized the dryer vent cleaning services. We are a team of dedicated and experienced professionals that strive for excellence in whatever we do. You will never regret having chosen us for your cleaning services. We are way better than any other cleaning company.

Experienced workforce for dryer vent cleaning

Pure Airways has set its standards high for hiring cleaners. Only people who are NADCA certified are hired, that means only certified cleaners will clean dryer vent pipe for you. With a team of highly experienced and certified professional, we deliver quality services and work for the satisfaction of our esteemed customers.clean dryer duct

Quality dryer vent cleaning services

Pure airways believe the quality of services is everything and walk that extra mile to deliver quality services. It is made sure that the work we take up is completed with perfection. With us you will never have to worry about the services you ask us, trust us we will do it as if it were our own place.clogged dryer vent

Latest equipment used for dryer duct cleaning

Powerful vacuum equipment is the first and foremost requirement to clean dryer vent pipe effectively. Latest technologies, methodologies, and techniques join hands with experience to clean dryer vent and other cleaning services. Our equipment is regularly updated so that we never lag behind when it comes to doing our work with perfection.

Comparative and genuine prices

Our policy is mutual benefit, we do not believe in digging big holes in our customer’s pocket in the name of air duct vent cleaning services. Not only dryer duct cleaning services can be availed of a genuine and a fair price but every service we offer is always at a fair price. Safety and cleanliness should never be expensive, get your dryer duct cleaned with Pure airways without putting your safety at risk.

Free in home estimate

We provide a free in-home estimate on request, where you will be told a flat price to clean dryer duct  inclusive of everything.  Now that means no hidden costs, a flat rate is given for whatever services  you demand from us. That means you need not worry about any hidden costs. You will only be charged with the flat price you were told about.

Clean dryer vent pipe in no time

Our team is highly experienced and surely knows how to clean dryer vent quickly without compromising effectiveness and perfection.  Bygone are the days when dryer duct cleaning was time-consuming, Pure airways do the duct cleaning super-fast using latest technologies.

Pure Airways is a name you can rely upon completely when it comes to Dryer Vent Cleaning Services. We are the best dryer duct cleaning company in the market Once you associate with us, you will always choose us for other cleaning services for sure. You will appreciate your decision of choosing us for the dryer duct cleaning services.
So much for so less, what are you waiting for? Go to www.pureairways.com and book your cleaning appointment now.

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Dryer Vent Cleaning Common Questions

All dryers need access to a vent. That vent plays a vital role in allowing the heat, dirt and debris to escape your home. Pure Airways sincerely understands that most consumers are unaware with the dryer vent cleaning process. In order to assist you in every way possible, we have assembled a question and answer segment below. If you have any further questions after reading the answers below, be sure to contact us immediately.

What is dryer vent cleaning?

Many are unaware of the fact that their dryer is equipped with a vent. The vent is responsible for removing dirt, debris, and exhaust from the dryer and the home. It should come as no surprise to learn that this vent can become clogged over a period of time. Dryer vent cleaning is a procedure, which helps to remove the dirt and debris from the vent. Pure Airways follows an innovative protocol while implementing the utilization of the latest equipment and tools, to ensure the vent is cleaned thoroughly.

As a homeowner, dryer vent cleaning is a necessity and should be carried out on a regular basis.

Who does dryer vent cleaning?

Dryer vent cleaning can be performed by a whole host of professionals, as well as ordinary consumers. While consumers may be able to access and clean their dryer vent, it is essential to remember that professionals, such as Pure Airways, have access to high-tech equipment and tools that will prove to be more effective. Therefore, by allowing the professionals to handle the task, you will be able to rest assured knowing you’ve been provided with the most effective and efficient cleaning possible.

How long does dryer vent cleaning take?

All consumers will want to know precisely how long it takes to complete the dryer vent cleaning process. Allowing a stranger into your home can be awkward and uncomfortable. Rest assured knowing the experts with Pure Airways are friendly, kind and willing to work quickly. Nonetheless, the period of time it takes to complete the procedure will vary from one client to the next. It will depend on the size of the vent and the arrangement of your dryer. In most cases, the project can be completed within a few hours.

Do dryer vents need cleaning?

Dryer vents do a great job of removing the dirt, debris and dust from your home. Nonetheless, they’re not 100% effective. A large quantity of dust and debris can get lodged inside of the vent. Over a duration of time, this debris will compound and continue to grow larger and larger. Eventually, the dust will cause the dryer vent to clog and this will make it impossible for the debris to escape. Therefore, all dryer vents need to be cleaned on a regular basis.

How often dryer vent cleaning?

When it comes down to it, the frequency of required dryer vent cleaning varies from client to client. This will depend on a specific number of factors, such as the number of times the dryer is utilized on a daily basis and the amount of dust found inside the vent at any given time. Nonetheless, all consumers should have their dryer vents cleaned at least once or twice a year. This will help to prevent problems while giving the consumer the peace of mind knowing the vent is perfectly clean.

How much dryer vent cleaning cost?

Most consumers will want to know the precise cost of this service before they sign on the dotted line. This is totally understandable. The truth of the matter is that nothing is set in stone. When the consumer goes on the hunt for a dryer vent cleaning company, they’ll quickly discover that the price will vary from company to company.

At the same time, the price will depend on the specific circumstances at hand. Therefore, we recommend that all clients contact us for a price quote. This is the best way to get an accurate price estimation. And, you should rest assured knowing Pure Airways always goes above and beyond to provide consumers with the most cost-effective service humanely possible!

How important is dryer vent cleaning?

Many consumers are totally unaware of the repercussions associated with an unclean dryer vent. Believe it or not, dryer vents just happen to be the 2nd leading cause of house fires in the world. The risks of a fire will be increased substantially as the vent is allowed to collect a larger quantity of dirt and debris. Therefore, it is possible to greatly reduce the potential of a fire with proper maintenance. Therefore, the importance of dryer vent cleaning is truly paramount.

Is dryer vent cleaning necessary?

A lot of people mistakenly believe that dryer vent cleaning is not a necessity. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Your home’s dryer vent plays a paramount role in allowing the heat from the dryer to escape. If this is completely ignored for a long duration and the dryer vent gets clogged, you’re going to have an abundance of problems on your hands. First, it is possible for the dryer vent to cause a house fire! In order to keep your family and house safe, it is absolutely pertinent to have your home’s dryer vent cleaned regularly.

Why dryer vent cleaning is important?

Dryer vent cleaning is extremely important because a clogged venting system is a fire hazard. The components inside the dryer get extremely hot, so if they come into contact with the lint, it will erupt into a fire. Once the lint catches on fire, it will be nearly impossible to put it out, because the debris is extremely dry. To eliminate this hazard, you should consider having the venting system cleaned out every few years. The truth of the matter is that dryer vent cleaning is enormously important!

This procedure will help to keep your home safe, while simultaneously going to great lengths to protect your loved ones.

How does dryer vent cleaning work?

Dryer vent cleaning starts with a licensed technician and the proper equipment. Vacuums and small rotary brushes are utilized to remove the lint from the vent flex hose. The technician will clean the interior and exterior access points of the venting system. Once this process is complete, the dryer will be turned on to push the remainder of the lint down the flex hose and to the outdoors.

Thinking to clean your Dryer Vent?

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